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Brinson Insurance specializes

In virtually every type of Homeowners insurance and we can review and recommend insurance coverage based upon your individual needs, including:

  • Primary Residence
  • Resort (Secondary Resident Policies)
  • Condominiums
  • Mobile Homes
  • Renters
  • Flood
  • Wind & Hail
  • …you name it.

As long time lowcountry residents,

We can advise and recommend coverage specific to your risk. We’ve been a dominant force in this insurance field for more than 22 years. We can even consolidate payments for multiple properties to make your life easier. You’ll never know what we can offer and how much we can save you until you request a quote with our Quick Quote form.

We offer

  • High Liability Limits
  • Seasonal Rental Insurance
  • Excess Flood Insurance
  • And Personal Articles Floater
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For more information on Flood Insurance, click here.

For more information on Wind and Hail Insurance, click here.

The Brinson Insurance Agency is a family owned and operated business. Since 1988, our experienced and licensed staff includes myself (John Brinson), my wife Janet and our son, John Stafford. This means you can always reach one of us personally by phone (843) 762-2086 or email me directly at john@brinsoninsurance.com.